Tarot#33 Reissued

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Tarot#33 Reissued

    Tarot#33 Reissued

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    Tarot#33 Reissued
    Tarot#33 has been out of print for YEARS! Now we will REissued it in a high quality Edition! The reIssue will have Both CoverB ( on the Front) and CoverA ( on the back) signed High Quality Cover. $12.50

    We are also offering a very Special Limited Editions: the 'Raven Silver" Variant, A Silver hue High Quality Cover Limited to only 10-SOLD OUT

    AND a our " 'Dragon Witch Flame Edition" which is printed on Golden metal . Only 5 will be created-SOLD OUT, numbered and signed for $100

    Click the Editions you desire for Purchase. AND if you don't have Issues #32,#34 & #35, Click the BUNDLE OPTION for $6- to get the full Shadow Witch story arc.

    Here's the story: "The Shadow Witch" Chapter 2 " Raven Hex vs The Dragon Witch"

    Story and Art By Jim Balent


    New Avalon is in flames as Raven Hex and the Dragon Witch battle to the Death. Tarot under goes surgery and the Skeleton Man faces off against a new cemetery guardian as he battles to save his graveyard and the souls in it.

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