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Tarot#96 Cover B

Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #96

HEX BOX! IT'S ALIVE!:part one", In stores Jan 2016

Story and Art by Jim Balent

Mature Readers Tarot, Raven Hex and the Skeleton Man are thrown into a world of Werewolves , Vampires and Reanimated Corpses as the Cursed gaming system, the Hex Box, makes an unexpected return. Only months until Tarot's wedding, she finds herself the Bride to a Monster!

As always regular edition created with 2 Jim Balent covers. .Don't forget the Deluxe Litho Edition, Skyclad & Photocover edition: featuring the purrrfect pin-up models Jessica Nova as Licky D & Solara as Boo Cat!. available separately.
 Jan 2016