Tarot#30 ReIssued: Haunted Hairballs*

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Tarot#30 ReIssued: Haunted Hairballs*

    Tarot#30 ReIssued: Haunted Hairballs*

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    Tarot#30 ReIssued: Haunted Hairballs*
    The Last Spooky Themed ReIssue for this Halloween season will be , Tarot#30: Haunted Hairballs! This issue first was released in 2005 and has been SOLD OUT for sometime now. The Regular Edition will have Unlettered Cover A ( on the Front) and Uncensored /Unlettered Cover B ( on the back) signed High Quality Cover $12.50

    We are also offering a very Special Limited Editions, the " Rainbow Chrome: "Gone Batty"(Never Published) Variant, Cover will have an iridescent High Quality Cover Limited to only 15 
     SOLD OUT signed and numbered this Edition will be $45 .

    "Kitty Love" Gold Metal Variant, Cover -printed on a sheet of shiny goldish metal the unlettered art will shimmer like Tarot's breast plates! Limited to only 10 SOLD OUT signed and numbered this Edition will be $100.

    "Boo's Sketch" Silver Metal Variant, Cover -printed on a sheet of shiny silver metal that shines like the moon! Limited to only 10 (
    SOLD OUT) signed and numbered this Edition will be $100.

    You can also add the unsigned "Boo's Sketch" Artprint for $10
    while supplies last

    Here's the Story:Sure Goblin cats are cute and cuddly! But they have an ugly condition. Their hairballs are haunted! Join Tarot and Boo Cat as they battle all the spookys and ghoulies that spring forth from Tarot's familiar ...Pooka the Goblin Cat! A Light-Hearted, Fun and VERY sexy Romp!

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    *indicates Faerie will visit with purchase of either Chrome or Metal Edition.