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Raven Hex SwordMaiden Hexed Cover

ALTERNATE PATH: RAVEN HEX: THE SWORDMAIDEN #1... is a tale of what if the Dark Goddess chose the Shadow Path Witch ,Raven Hex,
 a Witch filled with angry towards the world of Mankind and the Realm beyond the Mist, to be her Swordmaiden and NOT Tarot, a more Balanced Path Witch.

On this Halloween night, Salem Massachusetts is the First to feel Raven Hex's wrath as she leaves a trail of Blood from the World of Man to the World of Faeries.
No Man, Fae, Dragon or Witch is safe from the vengeful blade of this Swordmaiden to the Dark Goddess.

 48pgs This Perfectbound Graphic novel contains the Alternate Path Raven Hex: Swordmaiden #1 
parts One and Two and is in the ongoing Tarot title as issues #122 & #123