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To the Heart of Bliss Softcover


From my Head, Through my hands to Your Heart...

Entities, creatures and people that come across your path to inspire, warn or challenge you to grow towards your Bliss

I have met some, others live within me, perhaps they live with in you too... 

...Or maybe you are meeting them for the very first time.

On the pages of this book, I have endeavored to relay ideas and images that I’ve been compelled to illustrate and share.

My waking eyes see the beauty of the living world around me and then my heart interprets it into my art...

this 5.75"x 7.75" (sized for travel) 96 paged  EXCLUSIVE soft cover, perfect bound book will be created, along with a 48 card deck (you may purchase separately )nestled in a enchantedly designed box. Both may be used for Divination, Inspiration and Affirmation.